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Stealing Awesome

This commission is for a special needs boy who is obsessed with pirates. I tried to make it interesting and dynamic. Initially, I thought I could include a lot of pirates with many things going on. I soon realized the limitations of 12 x 16 and had to bring it into perspective. This is par for the course. I usually have an idea in my head and some of the ideas have to be sacrified for the whole. I had to make the boat and pirates large enough to read well. The pirate kids are just about two inches in height and any smaller and they would not read well. It obviously did not stop me from making the scene seem packed. I like the way it turned out and funny enough this is my first ship, which is only weird because I do so many whale ship painting. I hope to get more of these kinds of commissions in the future. I knocked this one out because I was so excited.

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