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Making an Adjustment

So I sat on this illustration for awhile and decided I was not happy with something. Whenever I am dissatisfied it takes awhile for me to admit the issue to myself and be willing to edit digitally, with paint, or in the worst case repaint the whole thing. In this case I was able to make some adjustments without having to trace, redraw, and repaint. So the issue was that the dino felt to cold, as in the colors were just too freaking blue. I am a warm tones kinda person and while there is a lot of blue based colors in this illustration there is always an earthy quality underneath. So I went back into the dino and painted a light wash of sepia over him to bring down the starkness. I also felt that the blue in the sky was too evenly painted so I digitally erased the blue right about the paint roller. These changes made the illo feel more inviting and gave some much needed negative space. Small adjustments can make a big difference.

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